Monday, June 26, 2017
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Mo Rada has stepped up from the Mashup game and is now producing some ground breaking original work . Here is a spotlight on some recent releases. To view his entire library click here.


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Mo Rada @ Pig Pen in Allentown, PA

Thursday May 12th 2011 - Pig Pen Sports Bar - Catch turntablist & producer Mo Rada Thursday at Allentown, PA's largest entertainment complex. This party averages 600 people every Thursday. Read more


12 May 2011 Blog

Cova n Mo Rada mix featured on 92.3 NOW FM

DJ Cova and Mo Rada's latest hit has been featured on the latest 92.3 NOW FM-TV video mix-show. The video mix-show is rocked by the one and only DJ Super J. The video remix of Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Cova n Mo Rada mix) was superbly done by DJ Dynamite. http://923n... Read more


06 Apr 2011 Blog

Livin' Joy - Dreamer (Cova n Mo Rada mix)

Livin' Joy - Dreamer (Cova n Mo Rada mix) - DJ Cova and Mo Rada revisit the 90's club anthem by Livin' Joy and give it a 2011 Boob Job. This record is absolutely huge and guaranteed to rock any floor. Rated H Members Download Here   Livin' Joy - Dreamer (Cova n Mo... Read more


17 Jun 2011 Blog

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Mo Rada mix)

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Mo Rada mix) - A Katy Perry mix that even grown men can enjoy. Mo Rada injects big energy into the Top 40 hit drove it all the way up the charts on Rated H to #1! Rated H Members - Download HereDJcity Members - Download Here Katy... Read more


02 Dec 2011 Blog

Kesha - Blow (Cova n Mo Rada mix)

Kesha - Blow (Cova n Mo Rada mix) - DJ Cova and Mo Rada have released their take on Kesha's latest single, "Blow." As always, they deliver a huge sound. This particular track has a bouncy synth and giant percussion, but very commercial friendly. It is currently available on Rated... Read more


21 Apr 2011 Blog

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