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Medina - Addiction (Cova n Mo Rada mix)

Medina - Addiction (Cova n Mo Rada mix) - It's been a short while, but DJ Cova and Mo Rada are back in the studio together. This time they go to work on Medina's hit single "Addiction" that has recently been gaining momentum on both satellite and commercial radio. Needless to say... Read more


21 Sep 2011 Blog

Cova n Mo Rada mix featured on 92.3 NOW FM

DJ Cova and Mo Rada's latest hit has been featured on the latest 92.3 NOW FM-TV video mix-show. The video mix-show is rocked by the one and only DJ Super J. The video remix of Britney Spears - Till The World Ends (Cova n Mo Rada mix) was superbly done by DJ Dynamite. http://923n... Read more


06 Apr 2011 Blog

Fallin' Tipsy recognized as one of the "Top Sing Along Mashups" - The Remix Report is a site where "DJ's talk shop." It has solidified itself in the DJ community as a place for DJ's to keep up with the latest remixes around. Founded by DJ JD (FB Page) and DJ Jay Spring (FB Page), you can find them giving their own humb... Read more


25 Jan 2011 Blog

A-list DJ Unique & Mo Rada at Avenue, Long Branch

Friday June 19th 2009 - Party on the ocean view rooftop with A-List DJ Unique and Mo Rada at Avenue nuit in Long Branch, NJ. Hosted by Massimo and Upper Level Entertainment Group.   Read more


01 Jun 2009 Blog

Friday Night Live - Hottest Party Around

Joey Enuff and James Strzz have officially put together the biggest Friday night party going on in NJ. In the months of February through May, Friday nights at The Colosseum have averaged over 800 people per night. The party has also broke the 1200 mark on 4 separate occasions. He... Read more


11 Jun 2007 Blog

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