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Friday 11/26/10 - Catch Mo Rada at The Shannon Rose in Woodbridge, NJ Friday for Thanksgiving Weekend. Also special band performance by Johnny Drama Saturday 11/27/10 -

Monday, 01 November 2010 22:30

Sona 13 Friday's - Mo Rada monthly resident

Watch out for Mo Rada's monthly spot at the hottest spot in Morristown, NJ hands down. Sona Thirteen is located at 13 South St Morristown, NJ. - Brought to you by Upper Level Entertainment Group.

Monday, 20 September 2010 20:40

Mo Rada leaves mark on MusicFest '10

On the weekend of September 11th 2010, Union County put on it's 2nd annual MusicFest concert at Oak Ridge Park in Clark, NJ - Union Count MusicFest Home Page. It featured headlining bands such as "Train", "The Bravery", "Soul Asylum" and "Ok Go" just to name a few. Sponsorships coming from Overlook Hospital, TD Bank and The Crossroads helped setup 4 separate stages full of entertainment and musical arts for the entire week. The show was an improved success compared to the previous year boasting well over 30,000 in attendance. However one aspect of the festival went a lot better than expected.

Lee Frankel is the owner of "The Crossroads", a staple in the performing arts community of Union County NJ. Lee was kind enough to donate some extra time in arranging a brand new component of MusicFest this past year. Along with booking the talent for his own "Crossroads Stage", a new DJ/Dance area was installed as an added dimension to the festival. Equipped with a light-up dance floor, supplemental effects lighting and a sound system banned from being used after 10pm, the new area caught many eyes (and ears).

Mo Rada along with long time industry partner Massimo got the call of duty. Being that both of them grew up in the community it was an opportunity to not only showcase their talents but give back as well. Friday September 11th & Saturday 12th featured Mo Rada, Massimo and other talent from Upper Level Entertainment Group. In no particular order, DJ Dynamite, Steve Cova, DJ Reese, Frankie D, Alan V, and Kevin Rogers got to rock the crowd. During the daytime the DJ's put on an exhibition showcasing their turntable skills giving onlookers something to grab their attention. As the night approached and the lights came on, the crowd responded and filled the dance floor. The atmosphere was nothing short of electric.

The DJ turnout was so great that the MusicFest coordinators have announced tentative plans to shift the performance schedule of the headlining bands as to not conflict with the dance floor area in 2011. Mo Rada, Massimo and the Upper Level Ent. Crew look forward to returning and making it an even better experience for next year.


Tuesday, 15 December 2009 20:37

Mo Rada @ The Shannon Rose for NYE '10

December 15th 2009 -The Shannon Rose in Woodbridge is ringing in 2010 with DJ Mo Rada. Don't miss The Shannon Rose - Woodbridge's 1st New Years celebration since opening.

Saturday November 28th 2009 - Featured Artist Mo Rada will be in the building at the all new Allure Nightclub in Springfield, MA. You can also catch resident DJ Fooz on the set. Brought to you by NV Concepts and Upper Level Entertainment Group.

395 Dwight St Downtown Springfield, MA. -

October 1st 2009 - The Pool at Harrahs Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ presents "Mo Rada's Bday Bash" Friday October 9th. Catch residents MC Ringo, James Strzz and of course the birthday boy, DJ Mo Rada. Door by Joey Enuff ~ Upper Level Entertainment Group.

Friday, 28 August 2009 22:12

Mo Rada wins Jimbo's Annual DJ Spinoff

August 27th - Jimbo's hosts it's 1st annual DJ Spinoff competition hosted by Matt Knight of Hit106FM/B98.5fm and Upper Level Entertainment Group. Jimbo's Bar is located on the Boardwalk of Seaside Heights. The talent roster consisted of DJ Prime, DJ Mike West, DJ Dynamite, Frankie D and Mo Rada. The spinoff was made up of 2 rounds. Each DJ was given 20 minutes to strut their stuff. After the 1st round a combination of judges ratings and crowd approval sent 3 DJ's to the final round. However the entire spinoff was in the spirit of fun and exposure. No prizes were given away.

DJ's Prime, Dynamite and Mo Rada were sent to the 2nd round. Each put on an impressive display of turntable skills and song selection but it was the 2nd round that got even tighter. It was left up to the Seaside crowd to decide the winner and after several calls for approval, it was Mo Rada who squeezed out a very tight win.

All in all the event had a very good turn out. Jimbo's and Johnny Marc of Upper Level Ent. Group have announced their intentions to keep the annual competition going for the foreseeable future.

Monday, 08 June 2009 20:51

Mo Rada signs with Upper Level

Johnny Marc and Upper Level Entertainment Group have announced that Mo Rada is their newest member of the crew. He joins other talent such as Louie DeVito, DJ Spinbad, DJ Unique, DJ Prime and DJ Riddler. Here is the entire roster to date:


Friday June 19th 2009 - Party on the ocean view rooftop with A-List DJ Unique and Mo Rada at Avenue nuit in Long Branch, NJ. Hosted by Massimo and Upper Level Entertainment Group.


Wednesday, 01 April 2009 22:44

Tease Thursdays @ Palm Bar - Morristown, NJ

April 2009 - Palm Bar in Morristown presents the all new Tease Thursdays. Featuring Upper Level Entertainment Group DJ's Prime, Mike West and Mo Rada.

Palm Bar 4 John Street Morristown, NJ -

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