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Catch the new Fetty Cam interview with Mo Rada from Hosted by Fetty Be, Mo talks about the importance of a website for DJ's, where the industry is going and producing tracks.



Friday, 04 March 2011 15:25

Mo Rada at Bar-A for St. Patty's Parade

Sunday March 6th 2011 - Mo Rada is set to spin at Bar Anticipation for the St. Patty's Day parade this Sunday. He's going to be in some pristine company for this all day event. The doors will be opening at 1pm and closing at 1am. Just like the years before, Bar Anticipation is expecting thousands of people to hit their bars and pack their dance floors. Mo Rada will be rotating with some of NJ's other popular DJ's throughout the day. Some of them include DJ Billy Reybert, Kirk Lopez, Manny The Greek and Johnny FX. It's lining up to be an epic day at Bar-A.

Bar Anticipation
703 16th Ave Lake Como, NJ


Wednesday, 02 March 2011 01:34

Black & Yellow (Cova n Mo Rada mix)

Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow (Cova n Mo Rada mix) - Mo Rada and Cova take it to the next level with their mix of "Black & Yellow" released on Rated H.  The track boasts a clever re-arrangement of the original keys and perfectly imaged percussion. Mo Rada got a chance to play this track out before releasing it and had this to say: "I dropped it at the right time as was able to turn a room full of Blue-Yankee-Hat-wearing hip hop heads into fist-pumping Guido's." One of the bartenders called the track "arguably the best Black & Yellow mix out there." Take a listen:


Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow (Cova n Mo Rada mix) by Mo Rada

This track is available for download on

Monday, 28 February 2011 23:44

Mo Rada to spin @ Centrum Thursdays

Thursday March 3rd 2010 - Catch Mo Rada headlining at the notorious "Centrum Thursdays." Presented by and DJ Mark N, this party boasts 800-1200 people every week. Aside from a great room and selection of great DJ's, Centrum Thursdays offers a Free Shuttle Service from Montclair State University all night. So if you're in the area you need to witness Mo Rada work his magic in front of a thousand people.

Centrum Nightclub
1 Monroe Street
Passaic, NJ

Thursday, 17 February 2011 23:38

Rihanna - S&M (Cova & Mo Rada mix)

Mo Rada and DJ Cova do it again. This time, with Rihanna's new hit "S&M". It took only a single day to climb halfway up the charts on the Rated H remix website. This particular mix boasts big room percussion with a distinct smooth sound. The snares and toms will undoubtedly grab your attention. The original melody was kept, but given a new sound and house style facelift. The bridge build is just infected with a sexy energy that fits perfectly with the song. Take a listen:


Rihanna - S&M (Cova n Mo Rada mix) by Mo Rada

The track is currently available for download on Rated - click here

Thursday, 10 February 2011 20:43

Chris Brown - Yeah 3x (Cova & Mo Rada mix)

Mo Rada returns to the production scene joining forces with DJ Cova, an already accomplished remixer & producer. Their first original remix promises to be a big one and is already making a splash around popular remix forums and web sites. Have a listen:

Yeah 3x (Cova n Mo Rada mix) by Mo Rada

Download This Track

The track features a "housey" re-imagination of the melody and a "dutch-like" build re-layered with both hard and sharp percussion that just bleed energy. However it's best quality is the employment of moderation. All of the elements are so well balanced that it keeps the track from being labeled with one house genre or another. Simply put, it can be played for a commercial top 40 crowd at the local bar or a 2am house crowd at the city mega club.

The track was released on Rated and is available for download there. - The Remix Report is a site where "DJ's talk shop." It has solidified itself in the DJ community as a place for DJ's to keep up with the latest remixes around. Founded by DJ JD (FB Page) and DJ Jay Spring (FB Page), you can find them giving their own humble and respected reviews on the hottest remixes in any self respecting DJ's set. In addition they also offer access to various resources making the site very valuable to the up and coming DJ.

Mo Rada arguably got his first break on His very first mashup uploaded was also his very best. Tom Petty's Free Falling or Mo's version, Fallin' Tipsy, eventually rose to the Top 50 All Time most downloaded mashups on The Remix Report took time out to recognize it as one of the top sing-a-along rock remixes still being played in the scene today.


Episode 052 - Fallin Tipsy from Remix Report on Vimeo.



Full Article -


Episode 038 - 80's Sing-A-Long Rock Songs 70-125 BPM from Remix Report on Vimeo.

You can here the full version of the track on Mo's Production Work page. If you'd like a copy, just use the Contact form to email Mo.

Thursday, 20 January 2011 19:44

Mo Rada on 97.5fm Elite Radio

The Uncle Cola Morning Show and 97.5fm Elite Radio welcome DJ Mo Rada to the roster. You can also hear other Upper Level Entertainment Group talent such as DJ Dynamite and A-List DJ Unique during the "8am Mix".

The show's cast consists of it's host Uncle Cola, Alessio "The Truth" Trabelsi, Massimo, Joey Knots and recently added personality Gina Marie. Their rapidly growing popularity has propelled them to the top rated show on 97.5fm Elite Radio. From controversial topics to the "8am Mix", listeners (&viewers) can catch the show in a variety of ways. Aside from tuning your radio dial to 97.5fm in the north/central area, you can listen live via stream at or watch both live and recorded shows at

The Uncle Cola Morning Show airs from 7am - 10am. Here is a recording of Mo's latest appearance on the show.



Watch live streaming video from myeliteradiolive at
Monday, 20 December 2010 22:18

Mo Rada @ Bahama Mama's in Hoboken - Fridays

Watch for Mo Rada's monthly residency at Bahama Mama's Fridays in Hoboken, NJ. Presented by Upper Level Entertainment Group

For New Years Eve 2011, The Crossroads have put together quite a lineup.

Cover band Punch Bully will be performing a headlining set along with a Turntable Showcase by Mo Rada. The event will be hosted by Massimo of The Uncle Cola Morning Show on 97.5fm.

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